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Screw Apocalyptica, this is turbo speed Casey! The moving force behind Fiddlerock, Casey McGrath is a charming entertainer who occupies the specific niche of neoclassical invasion to the world of rock’n’roll. As Vanessa May watered down the bombast of Vivaldi for it to fit the car stereo of an average cab, Casey does something different. Her cover versions don’t go all the way to completely change the song and morph it into a thing of its own, rather than injecting the original version with that squeaky agile violin... Casey chooses 100% established classics. This is the approach known for bigger bands who grew their scale immensely (remember how Ghost did Metallica's Enter Sandman ?). What she does is show off her skill where she knows she’s the best. Though it seems like a hell of ambition - she replaces the vocals of Maynard Keenan, which takes some serious balls on its own..."

-Mangowave Music Magazine (October 2022)

When most people think about violin performers, they think about classical pieces and timeless orchestral scores. While Casey McGrath has a classical background, she approaches music with a more personal twist, covering a wide range of songs spanning different genres. Her phrasing is technically accomplished, yet she also has a very emotional and energetic approach to her violin playing. . . . Casey is a masterful violinist, and she knows how to get some astonishing dynamics, which highly reflect the essence of her effervescent personality. The way she is able to recreate some iconic melodies and truly make them her own is absolutely groundbreaking, and Fiddlerock! is fun for people of all musical backgrounds!

-The Bandcamp Diaries 

September 2019

Audiences love to Fiddlerock!

"First time I heard you was at the Burgoo Festival. You really know how to rock' that Fiddle Casey ! Ronnie Van Zant would be proud of your version of Free Bird !"

-Joe K., Facebook review

"Alone, with a violin in hand and under her chin, Casey put the ROCK in Starved Rock Country Sunday at the annual Burgoo Festival in Utica. Her solo performance was not only magical to listen to, but watching her play was totally mesmerizing. It was a highlight of the festival for me and others."

-Steve S., photographer/videographer

Facebook review

"What a fantastic show you put on last night. In the 25 years in business, I’ve never seen the customers respond to a performance like they did to you. You and AJ were tremendous. Thank you so much and can’t wait till we do it again."

-Dave Lipsman, venue owner

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