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Violin over the shoulder shot!
Fiddlerock! Logo with Catchphrase

We Fiddlerock! everywhere.

Fiddlerock! has performed in Illinois, Iowa,

Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona

at tap rooms, wineries, festivals, street fairs,

private events, weddings, birthday bashes, resorts,

skydive boogies, biker bars, retirement parties,

and for ticketed performances...

basically, we'll go wherever

people want to rock.

So, no matter what you're planning,

we've got a setlist for every space,

occasion, and audience. 

Who knows? We might even have your grandma

rocking out to Metallica by the end of the night!

Ready to Fiddlerock! with us?

Fill this out and let us know what you've got in mind!


Fiddlerock Emoji Series
Fiddlerock Emoji Series
Fiddlerock Emoji Series
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